Digital Prints
7” x 14” x. 75”
This book originally started during an artist residency at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA, but is still a work in process, as I collect images and statements on a regular basis.
The piece revolves around issues of insecurity, discrimination, personal reflections, etc… The text and imagery in this bound book are gathered from various communities and cultural centers within the Northeast. The photos and text are anonymous, and have been jumbled to create idiosyncrasies within the sequential. This project has also been displayed as a 2D, unbound installation, allowing for spatial relationships to develop within the entire piece.




Letterpress on Somerset, Digital images on Vellum, hand bound.
5”x5”x.5 Closed, 5x10x.5 opened
“Reconsider” is a perfect bound book that explores how words and their meanings can change depending on the way they are visually represented as well as in terms of their connection to visual imagery. The book intermingles political jargon with imagery that has strong metaphorical reference. Regardless of the political overtone, the emphasis is on the variety of ways that the words and pages can be interpreted and reinterpreted. The work is bound as a sequential narrative, yet changes in substrate create multiple options for sequence. Another subtlety is in regards to letter placement and kerning, which I’ve exploited to create different stresses, such as emphasizing the root word.



Uses found papers, Letterpress, transfers & monotypes
6” x 6” x .5”
Artist Book (coptic binding) made from discarded papers and bags; text is letterpress printed.
The content: deals with Infanticide and was inspired by a local newborn that was found dead in a dumpster– tossed away by her mother.



A Continual Thought
Mixed Media
8” x 10” x 5”
Uses found objects, digital transfers and prints, hinge binding.